Born in India, what Sourav has to say about playing against them

Born and raised in India. But later Saurabh Netravhalkar migrated to USA. Now he has become the cricket hero of the country. Bangladesh defeated Pakistan with its brilliant bowling in the Super Over. Since then Saurabh is an engineer by profession.

He, however, stood in front of a very mixed experience. On the one hand, the joy of representing the United States, on the other hand, he now has to play against his native India. Sourav’s next opponent is India, who won the first two matches in the World Cup. The American cricketer spoke about this before the match against them.

He said, ‘India is the best team in the world at this moment. We have to learn how they play. I have played with many people in the Indian team, played with Suryakumar Yadav since childhood in the U15 competition, the way he performed in the IPL and came back was very good. This match is going to be an emotional match for me, it will be a challenge for us.’

Sourav bowled 2 overs in their first World Cup match against Canada. Although he did not get a wicket in that match. But he picked up 2 wickets in the first 4 overs against Pakistan. Then he took 1 wicket and scored 12 runs in the super over.

After such a great performance Sourav said about the feeling of playing against India, ‘We don’t look like we are playing against our old country. I am looking at what my job is in this team. What can I do for my country? So I will try to enjoy the game and give my best for my country. I will try to implement my plans in the match.