Brahmanbaria Municipality itself will manage the only Pashuhat

The desired lease price was not obtained after inviting tenders for the only sacrificial animal market in Brahmanbaria municipality. As a result, the municipality itself will manage this animal market at Bhadughar bus terminal in the district town. This animal market will be held from June 13 till the day before Eid.

On inquiry it is known that the only sacrificial animal market under Brahmanbaria municipality is located at Bhadughar bus terminal. This animal market is held four days before Eid every year. Last year, the municipality leased the market for four days before Eid at a rate of Tk 70 lakh. Brahmanbaria municipality called for tenders by publishing a circular on May 28 to grant the lease this year. In this 4 days, the possible rental price is estimated to be one crore taka.

The deadline for submission of tenders was Monday 10th June at 12 noon. The opening time is kept at 1 pm on the same day. During this period only two tender schedules were sold and both these schedules were submitted. After opening the tender box on Monday, it is seen that the lease price mentioned in the two tenders is more than 50 lakhs in one and 65 lakhs in the other. Which is Tk 35 lakh less than the potential lease price of Brahmanbaria municipality. As the lease price was not received as per the demand, the municipality held a meeting on the same day and decided to manage this animal market by itself.

Abdul Quddus, Chief Executive Officer of Brahmanbaria Municipality, said, “I tried to get a lessee according to the possible price, but it was not found.” Market lease cannot be given below the government rate. We don’t have time now. A notice should be published in the newspaper with a minimum period of 15 days to invite fresh tenders, but this time is not available now. So no more tenders were called. Now we have to manage the market ourselves according to the law. But it is very difficult.

Abul Hasnat Md. Rafi/FA/JIM