Brazil-Uruguay match in tiebreaker after goalless draw

The Brazil-Uruguay match ended in a tiebreaker due to the goalless draw at the end of the main period. In the 72nd minute, Uruguay became a team of 10, but Brazil could not take advantage.

As Latin football fans have come to expect in Las Vegas today, rhythmic and organized play was also present in today’s Brazil-Uruguay first half. There was a lot of fouls in the match, along with the practice of fights. Despite some attacks, no one could score. The first half of the most high-voltage match of the quarter-finals of the Copa America ended in a goalless draw.

At the beginning of the first half in Las Vegas on Sunday, Brazil could not go on the offensive. On the other hand, Uruguay continued to put pressure on the Seleção.

In the 18th minute, Daryun Nunez’s header was blocked by Brazilian defenders. A minute later, Uruguay attacked again. This time, the ball from the corner fell into Brazil’s D-box, where Nicolas de la Cruz took a shot. Mathias Olivera’s header from his cross went wide of the bar.

Uruguay created a great chance to score in the 35th minute. Nunez’s header from Nahitan Nandez’s cross goes just over the bar. From there Brazil goes to counter attack. Rafinha entered the Uruguayan D-box alone with the ball. However, he won the corner even though he could not beat the goalkeeper. However, this forward of Barcelona could not be successful even from the corner.

In the 43rd minute, La Cruz attacked again for Uruguay. He shot the ball from the assist of Manuel Ugarte to the left of the goal.

Brazil came on the attack once again in injury time. Rafinha took a left shot from the assist of Andreas Guimaraes. However, he could not break the wall of goalkeeper Sergio Rochet.

Uruguay dominated the attack early in the second half. They scored twice in 53 minutes. The first one was stopped by the defenders of Brazil. The latter goes outside the goalpost. In the 68th minute, an attack by Brazilian forward Lucas Paqueta was blocked by the Uruguayan defense.

The Uruguayan defender saw a red card for a bad foul on Brazilian forward Rodrigo in the 72nd minute. Rodrigo was attacking with the ball in the Uruguay half. Nandez came from behind and attacked Rodrigo with his feet to stop him. The referee decided to show him a yellow card first, then a red card after seeing the VAR. As a result, Uruguay became a team of 10 people.