Brazil-Uruguay match with goalless draw in the first half

As Latin football fans have come to expect a rhythmic and structured game, the first half of today’s Brazil-Uruguay game was full of flavor. There was a lot of fouls in the match, along with the practice of fights. Despite some attacks, no one could score. The first half of the most high-voltage match of the quarter-finals of the Copa America ended in a goalless draw.

Brazilian defenders blocked Daryun Nunez’s header at 18 minutes in Las Vegas on Sunday. A minute later, Uruguay attacked again. This time, the ball from the corner fell into Brazil’s D-box, where Nicolas de la Crosse took a shot. Mathias Olivera’s header from his cross went wide of the bar.

Uruguay created a great chance to score in the 35th minute. Nunez’s header from Nahitan Nandez’s cross goes just over the bar.

Brazil goes to counter attack there. Rafinha entered the Uruguayan D-box alone with the ball. However, he won the corner even though he could not beat the goalkeeper. However, he could not succeed even from the corner.

Details coming…