Brazil’s ‘future star’ only 9 passes against Uruguay!

Andric is considered the new Turk of Brazil’s youth team. Many fans call this 17-year-old star the future of Brazilian football. Of course there was a reason. He scored against teams like England-Spain before the Copa America.

Before that, Andric showed his foot magic at Brazilian club Palmeiras. That’s why he got a call to the Spanish club Real Madrid at the age of 17. The striker is already signed to the most successful club in Europe.

In this year’s Copa America, Andric has also worn Brazil’s traditional ‘9’ number jersey. But he had to withdraw from the continental tournament without scoring any goals. His performance in the quarter finals was also very good.

After Uruguay’s Nandez saw a red card, Brazil had a chance to increase their attacking edge. But they failed to do that completely. In the absence of Vinicius Jr., Brazil coach Darival Jr. relied on him.

So far, Endrik has played 10 matches in Brazil’s jersey. However, before today’s match, he did not get a chance to play full time once. The coach kept him in the starting eleven today as Vinnie was not available. However, Endrik could not repay the coach’s trust at all.

Andric was able to make only 5 passes in the first half against Uruguay. Only 1 of these passes found the target of teammates. He managed to take only one shot on goal in the whole match. That too after 83 minutes. That too was a poor shot.

In total, Endrik touched the ball only 24 times today. In this, only 9 times have been able to give successful passes to teammates. 15 times he failed to reach the ball target. He managed to win only 4 out of 14 duels. Endric was not involved in 4 penalties for Brazil during the tiebreaker.

Endrik will definitely want to forget such a bad performance. However, Brazil fans hope that he has a bright future ahead. Fans are hoping that one day this future star will do justice to his name and bring the trophy to the country.