Bulkhead movement will be closed for 10 days during Eid

Naval Police Chief Additional IGP Moha. Abdul Alim Mahmud said that the naval police has stopped the movement of bulkheads from June 13 to June 23 to make the journey of people homeward easy and safe during Eid.

He said this at a discussion meeting on law and order and traffic management of waterways on the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha at Police Plaza on Thursday (June 6).

In the meeting, the Chief of Naval Police said, ‘The Naval Police is committed to making the Eid Yatra smooth and the transportation of animals and goods smooth. On Eid, the naval police will be on duty at all the wharves and naval terminals.

He said, ‘Prohibition of entry of hawkers in the platoon, refraining from transporting extra passengers in the launch, refraining from transporting passengers in small and defective launches, keeping provision of life jackets at a proportional rate to the number of passengers in the launch, sailing after knowing the weather forecast, sand-bearing bulkhead and speedboats after sunset. Sand-bearing bulkhead movement has been completely stopped during the time specified by the government, i.e. from June 13 to June 23, including the suspension of movement.


He also said, ‘All boats carrying sacrificial animals should put up banners indicating which markets they will meet, and naval police will have special vigilance to ensure that boats carrying sacrificial animals and other goods are not subjected to any kind of harassment on the waterway.’

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The Chief of Naval Police said that adequate security measures have been taken on the waterway during Eid. There are 108 animal stalls on the banks of the river. Security measures have also been taken for them. Plainclothes police will be deployed for security at these huts. Besides, fake note detection machines will be kept in 108 shops on the banks of the river.

He said, ‘If there is any problem on the sea route, the naval police will take necessary measures immediately if the naval police is informed through the naval police control room number-01320169598 or national emergency service 999.’