‘Bureaucracy should be established in the country with talented people’

Students of Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (Shabiprabi) protesting for quota reforms have demanded to establish bureaucracy in Bangladesh through talent. They said this at the end of the Sylhet-Sunamganj road on Saturday (July 6) afternoon.

Faisal Ahmed, a student agitating in the sit-in program after the protest march, said that bureaucracy should be established in Bangladesh through talent. The students of the entire country including Sastian have come to the streets to demand four points in this movement to cancel the quota. We will remain on this highway until our demands are met.

Chemistry department student Asadullah Al Ghalib, Mathematics department student Nur Md. Bayezid and students of political studies department Sharmin and others.

Asadullah Al Ghalib said, we are protesting against the quota. I will continue the agitation until the demands are met.

At that time, Asadullah Al Ghalib raised a 4-point demand on behalf of the Shabi students to the executive department of the country. The demands are that the quota system announced in 2018 should be abolished and the merit-based recruitment circular should be maintained, subject to the circular being upheld, a commission should be formed and unreasonable and discriminatory quotas should be eliminated in government jobs (all grades) as soon as possible and the quota should be brought to a minimum level and only Quota should be kept at a reasonable level for the backward communities, quota facility should not be used more than once in the recruitment examination of government jobs and vacancies should be filled on the basis of merit if candidates are not available in the quota, and effective measures should be taken to ensure a corruption free, impartial and merit based bureaucracy.

Naeem Ahmad Shubo/ZH/JIM