Call for ‘Bangla Blockade’ to lift the blockade

Four hours after announcing the new program, students protesting under the banner of anti-discrimination student movement lifted the blockade.

The students lifted the blockade by announcing a new program on Sunday (July 7) at 8 pm. According to the announcement, they will hold the ‘Bangla Blockade’ program on Monday as well. The blockade will start from 3:30 pm on that day.

Announcing this new program, the coordinator of the movement, Nahid Hasan, said that our class-examination boycott program will continue indefinitely. We have already informed that. And tomorrow our Bengali blockade program will continue. Our blockade program today has received a massive response across the country. Today we went from Shahbagh to Caravanbazar. Tomorrow we go beyond Farmgate.

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He further said that our movement is spreading from city to city. It will spread more in the coming days. We are fighting for the equal rights of all citizens under the Constitution. If our court shows us, we will show the constitution.

‘We are being told to wait for court. We have been waiting for 50 years. How much more? Students have their backs against the wall. Either the quota should be removed or the entire Bangladesh should be brought under the 100% quota. We don’t want to go to quota administration’- said the coordinator.

Earlier, Hasnat Abdullah, another coordinator of the ongoing movement, said that the four-point demand had been converted into one.

He said, we have been protesting for four points till now. From tomorrow (Monday) we will protest on one point demand. Our demand is to abolish the discriminatory quotas in all grades of government jobs and bring the quotas to the minimum level for the backward groups mentioned in the constitution and amend the quotas by passing a law in the parliament. I repeat, quota reform should be done in all grades, not only in first and second class.

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The besiegers started coming to Shahbagh from 7 pm, lifting the blockade of various places including Sciencelab, Banglamotor, Chankharpool, Neelkhet. When everyone gathered at Shahbagh, the coordinators of the movement announced the new program.

Meanwhile, as part of the anti-quota movement, the students blockaded various places in the capital in the afternoon when the ‘Bangla Blockade’ program started. This caused severe traffic jams in the capital, and the city dwellers suffered.