Campbelltown Bangla School Pitha Utsav July 21

Pitha is an essential part of Bangladeshi traditional culture. The unique taste and nutrition means this pitha is intimately connected to our roots, to our very being. Pitha Puli is an integral part of Bengali festivals, events and entertainment.

Campbelltown Bengali School is going to organize ‘Shiter Pitha Utsav’ for more than two decades to satisfy the taste of Bengalis who have lost the taste of pitha after leaving the country and to share this rich tradition with the next generation.

Pitha Utsav will be celebrated on Sunday, July 21, in a day-long Bahari gathering. School students and famous artists of Sydney will light up the stage in the cultural program throughout the day.

The festival will be held at the Greg Percival Community Hall in Ingleburn from 10am to 5pm. This traditional pitha festival is held every year to raise funds for the overall development of Campbelltown Bangla School.