Can Kamala Harris defeat Trump?

He can worry the opposing camp, has his own name recognition, the influencers of the Democratic Party are also slowly leaning towards him. The man is Vice President of the United States Kamala Harris. If Joe Biden withdraws from the election race, Harris will be his natural successor.

However, so far, Biden is adamant about staying in the election race. But still, the debate in various circles raises the question: Is Kamala Harris a better candidate than Biden to defeat Donald Trump?

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Harris, 59, was once a senator. Also served as Attorney General of California. If Biden really steps down and Kamala Harris wins the November 5 election, she will be the first female president in US history. This leader has already written his name in the pages of history as the first African-American and Asian Vice President.

Support is growing for Harris

Harris’ three-and-a-half-year tenure in the White House got off to a poor start. Various policies adopted during his tenure, including staff turnover, Central American immigration, did not bring much success.

Even early last year, many inside the White House and on the Biden campaign considered Kamala Harris a burden in the race. They also secretly expressed concern about it.

But the situation has changed significantly since then. Democratic Party leaders say Harris has won the attention of young voters while making strides on abortion rights.

What does the survey say?

Currently, several polls say that Kamala Harris can do better than Biden if she is a candidate against Trump.

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A CNN poll published on July 2 showed that voters preferred Trump by six percentage points over Biden. There were 49 percent votes for Trump and 43 percent for Biden. In comparison, Kamala Harris’s difference in approval rating with Trump is two percentage points (47 percent vs. 45 percent).

The same poll found independents more likely to support Harris (43 percent) than Trump (40 percent). Even median voters in both parties have Harris ahead (51 percent vs. 39 percent).

Again, the Reuters/Ipsos poll shows that after the first Trump-Biden presidential debate, Harris and Trump’s approval ratings are roughly equal. 42 percent of voters supported Harris and 43 percent of voters supported Trump.

Among potential alternatives to Biden, only former first lady Michelle Obama has more support than Trump. However, Obama’s wife has never shown any interest in running for office.

An internal poll of the Biden campaign team after the presidential debate also showed Biden and Harris had equal chances of defeating Trump. Both of them received 45 percent support from voters. However, 48 percent of voters voted for Trump.

Source: Reuters