Can the mosque sell the Koran?

Many people donate the Quran to the mosque for the worshipers to read. Sometimes the Quran is more than needed in the mosque, it can be seen that the number of Muslims who usually attend the mosque or read the Quran, the copies of the Quran are more than that. In such a case, the proceeds from the sale of the mosque’s Quran cannot be used for other purposes of the mosque. Since these Qur’ans are waqfs for recitation in mosques, it is important that they are prescribed for that purpose.

However, the Quran of one mosque can be transferred to another mosque. If needed, additional copies of the Qur’an can be given to another mosque. If there is no need in nearby mosques, it can be brought to one or more mosques that are far away. A madrassa can also be provided if no mosque can be found that requires the Qur’an. But if there is an opportunity to give in a mosque, it cannot be given in a madrasah.

It should be noted that it is not permissible to take or give the Quran donated to the mosque to read at someone’s house.

If there are too many copies of the Quran in a mosque, the mosque authorities can put up a signboard or make an announcement to take measures so that someone new who wants to donate the Quran should donate it to another mosque instead of that mosque.