Canada’s coach announced to stop Messi well this time

Over the years, many coaches have tried to stop Lionel Messi. Later they suffered the most because of Messi. This time, Canada’s coach also announced to correct the mistakes of the previous match to block Messi better. In the first match of the semi-finals, Argentina will face Canada, who are playing in the Copper Semi for the first time.

Argentina defeated Canada 2-0 in the first match of the Copa. Messi had several good chances in that match. Basically, the Inter Miami star got such an opportunity to free him. But the Canada coach does not want to let that happen in the semi. Jesse Marsh is confident in attacking as well as handling the defense well.

“It’s a huge opportunity for us,” said Jesse Marsh. We will not only handle defense. We will play more aggressively. Then we will see if we can do it. We gave Messi a lot of freedom in the first match. It is important for this match. It is one of our responsibilities to stop him better.’

Marsh called the semi-final against Argentina the best match in Canada’s history. He said, ‘The match against Argentina is going to be the best match we have played. Even if we can’t make it, we’ll try.’