Case against former Banskhali MP Mostafiz

A case has been filed against Mustafizur Rahman Chowdhury, former Member of Parliament and president of Banshkhali Upazila Awami League, for threatening to kill a journalist for publishing news in Chittagong.

Shafkat Hossain Chatgami (45), Banskhali representative of Chittagong regional daily Chittagong Manch and President of Banskhali Press Club, filed the case in the Banskhali Senior Judicial Magistrate Court as a plaintiff on Thursday (July 4).

Confirming the filing of the case, the plaintiff’s lawyer Mosharraf Hossain Khan said that after the hearing, the court took note of the complaint and ordered the OC of Banshkhali Police Station Tofail Ahmad to investigate the case.

It is mentioned in the complaint of the case that journalist Shafkat Hossain Chatgami was the candidate of Islami Oikyazot in the 12th national parliament election. Taking advantage of the plaintiff’s manpower shortage, the defendant offered to appoint an agent to act in Mostafiz’s interest. On the other hand everyone including Shafkat accepted the election results but Mustafiz rejected the results for unknown reasons. Later, when Mustafiz offered to file a case with Shafkat in the High Court, he did not accept that offer. But Mustafiz started considering him as an enemy since that proposal was rejected.

On the occasion of the 75th founding anniversary of Awami League on June 29, in a discussion meeting at Banshkhali Upazila Sadar, Upazila Awami League General Secretary Abdul Ghafoor said that former MP Mostafizur tried to explain that he built a party office instead of building his own house. But this is completely false and hypocritical. He has made huge extortion in the construction of party office. Khankhanabad Chairman Jasim Uddin Haider Tk 7 lakh, former chairman Badruddin Chowdhury Tk 8 lakh, Chairman Ibn Amin Tk 5 lakh, Pukuriya Awami League leader Mahbub Ali Tk 11 lakh and former upazila chairman Chowdhury Mohammad Ghalib Sadli Tk 34 lakh spread the guide wall near the office. built. In this way Mustafiz took money from many more people.

Journalist Shafkat Hossain published a report based on this statement. As a result of this, on June 30, Mustafiz called Shafkat Hossain from his personal mobile phone number and threatened to kill Shafqat Hossain.

Journalist Shafkat Hossain Chatgami, who suffered in this regard, said that Mustafiz did not stop even by threatening me. Calling from various unknown numbers and threatening me with his people. In this situation I am suffering from the insecurity of life. I have sought remedy from the court. The court has taken cognizance of my case.