Cases can be reduced through arbitration: Chief Justice

Chief Justice Obaidul Hasan said that it is possible to reduce cases in the society through arbitration. That’s why everyone has to take initiative from their own place.

He said this while inaugurating the ‘Nayakunj’ restroom for litigants at the Nato Judge Court premises on Tuesday (June 25) morning.

Justice Obaidul Hasan said that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina thought that all the people of this country have the right to the protection of law and constitutional rights. People come to exercise that right. He built this restroom to remove that pain. The Prime Minister took up the project of constructing restrooms in 64 districts across the country. Almost all are done except one or two. The litigants can come and spend time in this restroom. Earlier there were no institutionalized restrooms. The litigant would come and go home. There was no place to sit. Now they can sit and rest if they want. Many times the trial work is delayed, in that case the trial aspirants will spend time sitting in the rest room.

In response to a question from journalists, Obaidul Hasan said, “We are trying very hard to finish the case.” When something happens in the society, we go to file a case. If it comes down then cases will go down in many areas. Judges cannot finish so many cases. 100 judges are appointed every year. After a judge is appointed to learn about the case, it takes time to become competent. Looking at one statistic, they can close 80 percent of newly filed cases every year. The remaining 20 percent remains. If the trend of filing cases does not decrease, the cases will never end. If any incident in the society is settled through social arbitration and trial rather than filing a case, it will be reduced. In earlier days, cases were settled through arbitration in human society. We will not file cases on trivial and common incidents. Then the number of cases will decrease. That’s why everyone should take initiative.

At that time Natore District and Sessions Judge (Judge) Amlan Kusum Jishnu, Natore District Administrator Abu Nacher Bhuya, Superintendent of Police Md. Tariqul Islam, Natore Judge Court PP Md. Sirajul Islam, Natore District Lawyers Association President Ruhul Amin Togar, District Civil Surgeon Dr. Md. All officials of the district including Moshiur Rahman were present.

Rezaul Karim Reza/RH/JIM