Child killed after attempted rape, teacher sentenced to death

The court of Judge AM Ismail Hossain of Rangamati Women and Child Torture Prevention Tribunal has sentenced the accused Angbaching Marma Prakash Bamong to death for the murder of a child student in Rangamati.

The verdict was delivered in the Rangamati Chief Judicial Magistrate’s Court on Thursday (June 13) morning.

According to the statement of the case, on February 2, 2019, a nine-year-old student of class III of Barakhola neighborhood of Kaptai Chandraghona police station of the district went to the accused’s house for private study. The accused left the victim with leave to all the other students who were studying with him. Later, when the victim did not return home, his father went in search of the victim. Then the accused said that he had given him leave after finishing his studies, but the next day on February 3, the locals arrested the accused along with the sacked body.

According to the court sources, as all the evidence against the accused was proven, he was awarded the maximum sentence of death and a fine of one and a half lakh taka.

“Who killed my daughter,” said the victim’s father, Chatuiong Marma. I am satisfied with his judgment. They are a disgrace to the name of the teacher.

Advocate Saiful Islam, lawyer for the state, said, “We are satisfied with this verdict.” Let’s hope that the criminals in the society will be reformed by this verdict.

Advocate Mamunur Islam, the lawyer for the accused, said that such a verdict will stop the crime trend of the society.

Saiful Uddin/FA/ASM