City corporation land will not be given to drug cartels-land robbers

Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) land will not be left to any drug gangs and land robbers, said the mayor of the organization, Sheikh Fazle Noor Tapas.

On Sunday (June 9), the mayor said this at the house allotment and key handing over ceremony of Meeranzilla cleaners residence at Nagar Bhaban premises of Dhaka South City Corporation head office.

Tapas said that the raw market in Mironjilla was planned to be rebuilt in 2016. After almost 8 years we are going to implement it. In this context, I would like to tell you that we cannot leave any land of Dhaka South City Corporation in the hands of any land grabber. We will not let Meeranzilla become the arena of drug gangs, juvenile gangs and criminal gangs. We will free all the land from encroachment and use it for our officials and the people of Dhaka. I will use it for public welfare. We will work to improve the quality of life of the people of Dhaka and ensure a beautiful and livable environment.

All the cleaners appointed in the last 4 years are from the Harijan and Telugu communities and they will be given priority in the future as well, Mayor Tapas said. Today we are implementing that. In the last 4 years, we have appointed 250 new cleaners in South City Corporation so far. All of them belong to Harijan and Telugu community. Apart from this we have not appointed. Harijan community will also be given priority in future recruitments. Also, we are allocating houses separately to each community. So that there is no conflict and there is order. Therefore, we have been fully implementing the vision of Sheikh Hasina, the mother of humanity.

Mentioning that South City will not tolerate any attempt to create criminal gangs on the pretext of any community, the mayor said, on the pretext of any community, they will occupy our land for years and build drug dens there, create juvenile gangs, create criminal gangs… Dhaka South City Corporation will not tolerate that. . By evicting all the illegal land slaves, we will devote all our resources and property to the welfare of the people of Dhaka. You will take care of the 66 houses that are being allotted today. These are your assets, the assets of the City Corporation. You should be aware that no illegal cycle can create any kind of trouble in your life. Let us know if necessary. We will strictly suppress them, inshallah.

According to the house allotment policy today 6 people from Muslim community in one building and 60 eligible candidates from Harijan community in other 2 buildings were handed over house allotment keys. Each building has 6 floors and has 36 flats each.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation spoke at the event moderated by Akramuzzaman, the Secretary of the Corporation. Mizanur Rahman, councilor of ward number 33. Awal Hossain and others.