Common fever and chills can also be symptoms of encephalitis amoeba

It is not unheard of to be infected with brain eating amoeba or brain-eating amoeba. Because the history of medical science says that not many people have been infected with this virus.

But none of the victims survived. Because it takes time to know whether someone is infected with this virus or not. In the neighboring country of India, many people have already died due to amoeba infection in the brain.

General fever, cold, headache become dark. Because the number of infections is so low, brain-eating amoeba is not easily diagnosed by doctors.

Time passes to test for common, dengue, malaria or other types of fever. However, science says that if the treatment is started at the right time, the patient can be saved.

How is amoeba infection spread?

Amoeba usually enters the body from tap water, pond or reservoir water. Basically it reaches the brain directly through the nose through water.

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Going there, the layers and cells of the brain slowly start to destroy. If not treated in time, the patient died within two weeks.

What are the symptoms?

>> severe headache
>> High fever
>> Cold and cough
>> Severe pain in the body etc.

What to do to avoid this infection?

1. Rinsing of the nose with tap water should be completely stopped.

2. Be careful about bathing, swimming or playing in pools. It should also be seen that water does not enter the body through the nose.

3. Filter the water with chlorine tablets and use it for rinsing the nose and mouth only. Use water from a water purifier if necessary.

Source: ABP News