Conference of Chittagong City Awami League on September 18

Chittagong Metropolitan Awami League conference has been announced on September 18. At the same time, it has been asked to finish the conference of unit and Thana Awami League by 25th July and 10th September.

Swapan Al Mahmud, the responsible central organizing secretary of Awami League’s Chittagong division, has given a stern warning that if it fails, the responsible committees will be considered null and void. He said these things at the Chittagong Metropolitan Awami League Executive Committee meeting on Thursday (July 4).

Addressing the leaders of Chittagong, Abu Saeed Al Mahmud Swapan said, ‘In the process of selection of leadership, priority will be given to acceptance in the society along with competence, efficiency, sacrifice and loyalty to party ideals. It should be remembered that no person who is undesirable and questionable to the people can sit in the leadership and position. In this case, responsible leaders should be responsible if there is any error.’

Stating that the obligation of organizing the conference must be observed, the leader said, ‘Unfinished conference of the units must be held by next 25 July and the conferences of Thana Awami League must be completed by September 10. If the committees which have been formed with responsible leaders based on police stations for the preparation and initiative of the conference program are incompetent and fail, then these committees will be considered null and void.

Incidentally, four more rounds of city committee meetings were announced earlier. But due to various reasons it is delayed. The main reason is that Chittagong city Awami League is divided into two camps.

Before this, when the Trinamool conference started, there was a dispute between the two sides. Complaints were raised about the formation of committees with preferred persons.

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After the first city committee conference in 2022, the president and general secretary started the process of unit, ward and police station committee conferences. So far, 27 units and 29 wards under the city committee have not had Awami League conference. There are total 44 wards. Apart from this, 1 out of 15 police stations had a conference.

In the meeting, Chittagong Metropolitan Awami League President Mahtab Uddin Chowdhury said, ‘Chittagong Metropolitan Awami League has made the most effective contribution to the movement and struggle and overcoming the crisis of the party and the nation. The current committee of the metropolitan Awami League has conducted organizational activities according to the instructions of the center, this time also this trust and faith must be retained.’

AJM Nashir Uddin, general secretary of city Awami League, said, “According to the decision of the center, the party’s leaders and workers at all levels are ready for the metropolitan Awami League conference according to the date and schedule that has been set for the police station, ward and unit conference. are there 100% organizational discipline must be maintained in the management of this scope of work.’

Chittagong Metropolitan Awami League Vice President Alhaj Naeem Uddin Chowdhury, Advocate Ibrahim Hossain Chowdhury Babul, Altab Hossain Chowdhury Bachchu, Joint General Secretary Badiul Alam, Advisor AKM Belayet Hossain, Safar Ali, Sheikh Mahmud Ishaq, Treasurer were also present in the meeting. Abduch Salam MP, Organizing Secretary Noman Al Mahmoud, Shafiq Adnan etc.