Country songs in the voice of two Nazrul musicians

Nandit Nazrul Musician Sujit Mostafa. On the other hand, Mahbuba Akand also became known by singing Nazrul’s songs. These two artists have given voice to a modern song. Which is basically patriotic. It is titled ‘The soil where the melody teaches’.

Recently, the song was released in the form of a video on Sujit Mustafa channel on YouTube. Lyrics and music composed by Uday Banerjee of Kolkata. All the talented musicians of Calcutta have played it. The recording was done at Resonance Studios.

The song describes the diversity of Bangladesh. The words are arranged like this – ‘Where the soil teaches the melody, the rhythm of the river flows / Where the blue sky tells the story of love / Green grass on grass, dew drops laugh, golden rice sways in the wind / I am the child of that Bangladesh’.

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Bangladesh’s grass-green-paddy, tradition and immense beauty are presented in the video of the song. Video produced by Khan Mahi. Niloy and Anfi Sinha are the models in it. Sujit Mostafa and Mahbooba Akand appeared in the role of artists.

About the song, Mahbooba Akand said, ‘Sujit Mostafa bhai is one of my favorite artists. I have sung with him before. This song is special for both of us. Through the song, we have presented the beloved Bangladesh of red and green. I hope the song will move the hearts of the audience.’