Dead trees on the side of the road, driving at risk

In various areas of Debhata on the Satkhira-Kaliganj highway, branches are constantly falling from dead trees lying on the side of the road. Pedestrians are injured. Even vehicles are damaged by falling branches. The locals demanded the removal of the trees.

After investigation, it was found that the trees of road and public road department have been lying dead for many days. Removal of these trees is not possible due to government systematic complications. Because of that, even if these trees fall, permission is not given to cut them. People are moving with risk. An accident is feared as there is a power line under a fallen tree.

Numerous trees have dried up from Sakhipur intersection to Upazila intersection in Debhata. Small and large branches of trees are breaking only when there is a light storm. At some point dead trees fall and the road is blocked and the suffering is increasing.

Dead trees on the side of the road, driving at risk

Rafiqul Islam, a resident of Debhata Upazila, said, ‘It is very scary when passing under the trees. I’m worried when I don’t know when I’m going to break my head. A few days ago, a man died after a branch of a tree fell at Parulia cow market.’

He said that even after telling the matter to the local administration, they are not able to take any initiative. Removal of dead trees is blocked by government rules as they are trees of Roads and Highways Department and Zilla Parishad. We want the trees to be cut before monsoon.

Dead trees on the side of the road, driving at risk

Zahurul Islam, AGM of Debhata Sub-Zonal of Satkhira Palli Vidyut Samiti told Jago News that there are dead trees on the side of the road and sometimes they fall on the power lines. It’s tearing him apart. There is a lot of damage caused by falling electricity poles. Removal of trees is essential.

Debhata Upazila Executive Officer (UNO) said in this regard. Asaduzzaman told Jago News that the trees cannot be removed due to lack of permission. However, verbal permission has been given to the chairmen to cut the branches of high-risk trees and store them in the concerned land office or union council for the sake of public safety.

Ahsanur Rahman Rajiv/SR/JIM