Decisions about schools with fewer students take into account the reality

The Secretary of the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education Farid Ahmed said that a decision will be taken regarding the primary schools with fewer students considering the reality.

The number of students in the school is around 1500 between 10-50. The secretary also said that considering the actual situation, a decision will be taken to merge these schools with the neighboring schools or to keep them running.

The Secretary gave this information in response to a question at a press conference organized on the occasion of the Primary Education Medal and National Primary Education Week at the Secretariat on Tuesday (June 25).

When asked about the progress of merging primary schools with fewer students nearby, the secretary said it was a policy decision. Do not make in-generalized decisions. We have 65 thousand 566 primary schools. Our target is to establish an elementary school in the catchment area. It is all over the world. We have already identified around 150 schools where the number of students is limited to 10-50. But we will not suddenly merge or close all the schools.

Farid Ahmed said, we are seeing the trend, if there are 10 or 20 students in a school in the last 10 years or 20 years, then we will not merge schools based on that information only.

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With an example, the secretary said, a school in Barakhlia Union of Bilaichhari Upazila of Rangamati has been running for 15 years with 10-20 students. But there is no school within 7-8 km around him. So we will not merge that school.

‘Again in Barisal there is a school across the road, opposite or adjoining school. There are a few students in this school and there are around two hundred students within half a kilometer. We will merge that school.’

Stating that the work has already started in this regard, the Primary and Mass Education Secretary said, it will not be an in-generalized decision. We will take necessary decisions in consultation with all stakeholders considering the needs and local realities.

Citizen Service Module will have all the information

The secretary said, we have launched the Integrated Primary Education Management Information System. This is the result of our one-and-a-half year Sadhana. I call it One Smart Platform All Digital Service. Here I have added a module under the decision of the Prime Minister’s Office. That is, Citizen Service Module. Information that is publicly available and disseminated can be found here. It will be complete in next two-three months. There will be information on everything from dilapidated buildings.

Inauguration of 10 new school buildings in Dhaka in July

Stating that 81 percent of schools across the country have new buildings, the secretary said, “We still have 20 percent of dilapidated buildings.” We can say about Dhaka city, there are 342 government primary schools in Dhaka city. Within the next three years, 342 government primary schools will be constructed with new buildings in distinctive architectural styles.

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He said, we are trying to inaugurate 10 schools in Dhaka next July with the Prime Minister. So far we have approved the master plan of more than two hundred schools. 50 schools are under construction. Within the next two and a half to three years, all primary schools in Dhaka city will become Drishtinandan schools.

“We are trying to take it to the departmental level gradually. We are preparing the project proposal, if we get approval from the government, we will go ahead. Construction of dilapidated buildings is our priority target.’ said the secretary.

The director general of the Directorate of Primary Education said about the recovery of vacant land of primary schools. Abdus Salam said, many of us practice this bad culture of occupation. But our plan is to update it every month. That is to understand the possession of the land and update the records. It is an ongoing process and it is ongoing. Everything can be cleared in a short time, we can update our records, it is not like that. It is continuous process and continuous work, it is ongoing. You know better than I that this is happening because of bad culture.