Denmark extends working hours for foreign students

Denmark has extended working hours in part-time jobs for international students. From now on, foreign students can work 90 hours a month in the country. Copenhagen authorities confirmed that the executive order took effect on July 1.

Denmark is generally known as a country with a strict immigration policy. There is a strong job market with a low unemployment rate. As a result, the country has become a good market for finding part-time jobs. Sectors like restaurant, hospitality, customer service are quite popular for part-time jobs.

Moreover, the minimum wage in Denmark is also higher than in other European countries. Currently, the country can earn about 110 Danish kroner or 14.75 euros per hour.

Until recently, foreign students were legally allowed to work 15 to 20 hours a week in Denmark. The new announcement will allow students to work more hours.

According to the announcement of the Danish Immigration Service, foreign students can work up to 90 hours a month from last July 1. In addition, they will get the opportunity to work full-time or full-time in the months of June, July and August of the year.

According to Denmark’s Government International Recruitment and Integration Agency (SIRI), legitimate students who have successfully completed a bachelor’s or master’s degree can apply for a six-month job-seeking or job-seeking residency permit when their residency permit expires.

It can be renewed for a maximum of three years. However, in each case the application for renewal must be made four months before the expiry date.

In addition, as part of the new changes, the duration of the residency permit of legal immigrants who have recently been living in Denmark after bringing their family members is the same as that of the applicant.

Under the new rules, family members of migrants living under the Schengen and fast-track schemes will also be issued residency permits of the same duration as their original applicants.

Source: Info Migrants