Development of agriculture must be ensured to accelerate sustainable development

President Md. Sahabuddin said that the main driving force of the economy of Bangladesh is agriculture. Rural development and modern agriculture are integral components of sustainable development. Therefore, to accelerate sustainable development, the development of agriculture and farmers must be ensured.

He said these things in a speech given on the occasion of ‘Agriculture Important Person (AIP) Award 2021’ on Sunday (July 7). The President welcomed this initiative of the Ministry of Agriculture as recognition of unique contribution in the field of agriculture.

The President said that despite the growing population of independent Bangladesh after the liberation war, climate change and other adversities, the agricultural sector is moving towards profitability and productivity. The country has achieved food production targets through agricultural diversification and commercialization. Besides, extensive irrigation, development of high-yielding varieties of crops, efficient market management and mechanization, policy reforms and agricultural research, export orientation of agriculture, investment in human capital etc. have enriched the agricultural sector. As a result, poverty is decreasing along with the economic development of the country.

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He said that during the economic recession in the world, Bangladesh has been able to ensure food security due to various farmer-friendly policies including government sponsorship in the agricultural sector, necessary financing, seamless fertilizer supply system, opportunity to buy fertilizer at a low price compared to the international market, supply of agricultural machinery at an affordable price, and incentives.

Md. Sahabuddin said that Bangladesh currently ranks first in the world in jute export, second in jute and jackfruit production, third in rice production for four consecutive times, third in vegetable and onion production, and seventh in mango and potato production. The real claimants of this success of agriculture are the farmers, agricultural extensionists, agronomists, entrepreneurs, exporters and all the stakeholders.

He said that the Ministry of Agriculture every year for establishing agricultural production/commercial farms and agricultural processing industries, agricultural innovation varieties/technologies, recognition or government registered agricultural crops/fishery/livestock/forestry sub-sector organizations, Bangabandhu Agriculture Award gold medal and exportable agricultural products production- this Awarding Agriculture Important Person (AIP) in five categories – which deserves appreciation. Giving these awards to meritorious people will give more encouragement to the people and organizations related to the agriculture sector and also accelerate the development of the agriculture sector of the country.

On this occasion, the President extended his best wishes and congratulations to all the recipients of the ‘Agricultural Person of Importance (AIP) Award 2021’. He also wished the overall success of the award ceremony.