Dhaka college students protest rally demanding cancellation of quota

The students of Dhaka College have been protesting and rallying for the fourth day demanding the abolition of the quota system in government jobs and the reinstatement of the 2018 circular.

On Saturday (July 6) at 12 noon, the students started the protest program in the college campus. Later, they went to Nilakshet with a procession around Sainslab. Students held a short rally there. During this time, the students chanted, ‘Tools of eighteen, rise up again’, ‘There is no room for discrimination in my golden Bengal’, ‘The main word of the constitution is equality for all’, ‘There is no room for discrimination in Bangabandhu’s Bengal’, ‘Let the whole of Bengal know, bury the quota system’. He started chanting such anti-quota slogans.

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  • Demonstrations of anti-quota activists blocked the road late at night
  • After 6 hours students left Shahbagh, new program was announced
  • Students-police face to face in Shahbagh

The students who participated in the protest rally said that the quota system is completely illegal after so many years of independence. Quota is an attempt to give extra benefits to a certain class of people in government jobs. Rest of lakhs of students and unemployed society are deprived of their rights.

Dhaka college students protest rally demanding cancellation of quota

At the same time, the students announced that they will continue their agitation until the quota is abolished.

They also said that they will join the ongoing anti-quota movement with Dhaka University students in the afternoon

Nazmul Hasan, a student of Dhaka College, said that the quota system must be abolished. The remaining lakhs of students and the unemployed cannot be deprived of the society by giving opportunities to a few individuals. The movement will continue until the quota system is abolished. Students across the country want to cancel this quota system.