Digestive problems can also be a symptom of fatty liver

Most of the people suffer from fatty liver due to irregular lifestyle. According to experts, excessive drinking or taking certain drugs can lead to accumulation of fat in the liver. It is called alcoholic fatty liver.

But when symptoms of fatty liver occur without these two causes, the disease is called non-alcoholic fatty liver. Liver cirrhosis can be a deadly disease in the body due to this disease.

If caught in the early stages, it is possible to control this disease to some extent by reducing food and drink and with the help of medicines. But if you know the symptoms of this disease then you can fight the disease. Let’s know about some of the symptoms of fatty liver, which should never be ignored-

full stomach

Be careful if you have frequent stomach ache, gas or bloating even after not eating anything. According to doctors, when fatty liver is affected, water accumulates in the lower part of the stomach. And the accumulation of fluid causes the stomach to swell. So be careful even if the pimples start to grow for no reason.

Severe pain in the lower abdomen

Severe lower abdominal pain can also be a symptom of fatty liver. In this case, most of the time there is pain on the right side of the stomach. Even if you see symptoms like nausea, loss of appetite along with this pain, be careful about fatty liver.

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Gastric problems

Frequent heartburn is not a good sign of gastric problems or heartburn after eating something. Be careful if this happens regularly. Seek medical advice. It can also be caused by fatty liver.

Digestive problems

Feeling full all the time? Is it difficult to digest after eating something? These symptoms are indicative of fatty liver.

Odor in urine

Due to fatty liver, toxins cannot be removed from the body properly. So keep an eye on the color and smell of urine. If the color of urine is yellow continuously after consuming water according to the body’s requirement and if there is excessive smell, check for fatty liver.

Source: Times of India