Discussion on the role of media in empowering women in apparel sector

The positive role of mass media in empowering women in the garment industry is discussed. The discussion took place in a participatory workshop on Sunday (July 7) organized by the Center for Communication Action Bangladesh (C-CAB). It was also discussed how the intimate stories of the women workers of the garment industry can come up in the media.

C-CAB along with 14 other partner organizations is working to improve the lives of women garment workers with funding from H&M Foundation. C-CAB is working to create awareness among women garment workers, their families and the community through various mass awareness activities focused on communication about the fact that women can participate equally in technical and managerial work like men.

C-CAB Executive Director and Workshop Moderator Syed Zain Al-Mahmoud highlighted various important facts in light of the research report conducted by C-CAB. Apart from this, he elaborates on how to bring about positive changes in the way the media reports on the garment industry.

Syed Zain Al-Mahmoud said, the news we see in the media about the garment sector usually portrays the garment workers as victims or most of them are related to wage movements, export earnings and accidents. The life struggles of women garment workers in our country, the insecurity of their jobs in this digital age due to the impact of automation, how they can adapt to these changing circumstances and advance in the workplace – these are not usually covered in reports.

He further said that we have to get out of the mentality of making victims while making reports about garment workers. The women garment workers of this country are also able to come forward in technology and management – this should be highlighted in the report.

Journalists from various print and electronic media of the country participated in this workshop. C-CAB Senior Program Officer Farzia Ahmed started the workshop with a participatory session at the beginning.

C-CAB Senior Program Officer Hasan James gave a presentation on the Aparajita project in the second session of the workshop. Later, an exercise was conducted with the participation of journalists on how to break out of stereotypes in reporting.

Center for Communication Action Bangladesh (C-CAB) uses research and communication to address various social issues and raise awareness for the empowerment of the underprivileged.