DNCC demolished illegal parts of 25 shops and 6 multi-storied buildings

Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) has demolished 25 illegal shops and demolished illegal parts of 6 high-rise buildings in Dakshin Azampur Jamtala area adjacent to Uttara Azampur railway line. The evacuation operation started at 2.30 pm on Monday (June 10). DNCC Mayor Md. was present in the campaign. Atiqul Islam

DNCC Chief Property Officer Mohammad Mahe Alam and Executive Magistrate Mahmudul Hasan conducted the operation in the presence of DNCC Mayor.

During an exchange of views with journalists, the DNCC mayor said that narrow roads and waterlogging are the two main problems in Dakshinkhan and Uttarkhan areas. Road widening and drainage construction projects are underway in this area. Everyone demands that these two problems be solved quickly. But people are not leaving space for road widening. Drainage cannot be constructed to remove waterlogging. Illegally constructed buildings. Eviction of illegal structures will continue for de-watering and road widening.


The mayor said that when approval was obtained from Rajuk, each road was shown to be 20 feet wide. But during the construction of buildings, most of them encroached on the road. These are being identified in coordination with Rajuk. De-watering of this area under the new ward and construction of roads at least 20 feet wide will not be a permanent solution. Sustainable solutions should be developed for future generations. Many people live in this area. The population is increasing day by day. Therefore there is no alternative to planned sustainable development. If the road is not at least 20 feet wide then no allotment will be given by the City Corporation.

Warning the occupants, the mayor said, I visited this area for 3 days last week. I announced to remove the illegal encroachment, eviction drive after June 9. Earlier, local members of parliament and councilors have repeatedly called for the demolition of the illegally constructed part of the road. But they don’t remove them. I will not give any further legal notice to illegal occupiers. Our magistrates will use bulldozers to demolish the illegal structures if they do not take responsibility.

Khasru Chowdhury, Member of Parliament of Dhaka-18 Constituency, DNCC Regional Executive Officer Sadekur Rahman, Ward No. 50 Councilor Shamim and Women Councilor of Reserved Constituency Zakia Sultana were also present during the eviction operation.