Do not eat any food to avoid repeated upset stomach in monsoon?

Risk of various diseases increases during monsoon. Among them, the problem of upset stomach also occurs in many young and old. Especially if you see the symptoms of indigestion, upset stomach, loss of appetite, nausea, do not neglect it now.

In fact, the incidence of various viruses and bacteria increases during this season. Infectious diseases are also spread from food and water. So it is important to pay attention to eating and drinking at this time.

What foods to avoid in the rainy season to stay healthy?


Some seafood like fish and prawns should be avoided in monsoons. The two main reasons for this are – the presence of pathogens and bacteria in the water during monsoons can infect the fish. In addition, during this breeding season, many changes occur in seafood, which can cause stomach damage.

Spicy and fried food

At this time, excess oily-spicy and fried food should be avoided as much as possible. Instead, eat home cooked food with less spices. Eating more spicy food will increase gastric problems.

Infectious bacteria such as salmonella, clostridium, staphylococcus increase during monsoon. Infection of these bacteria occurs from food or water.

And that’s why stomach problems occur. So avoid street food, cut fruits, sherbet etc. during this time. Even during this time it is better to eat sweet foods as little as possible.

Tea and coffee

Drink plenty of water if you have an upset stomach. Take ORS with doctor’s advice. Danger can occur if the body becomes dehydrated at this time. Many people have the habit of drinking tea and coffee frequently.

But you will be surprised to know that caffeine causes dehydration in the body. So don’t sip tea or coffee frequently. If caffeine goes to the stomach, the problem will worsen.

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ice cream

Avoid ice cream if you have diarrhea. In fact, if you eat more ice cream, digestion will not improve, on the contrary, the problem will increase.

the milk

Milk is a balanced food. By eating milk, the deficiency of vitamins, proteins, calcium and minerals in the body is met. However, nutritionists advise not to eat milk and milk products during stomach upset.

Because lactose in milk is not easily digested. Eating milk or dairy products during an upset stomach can worsen the problem.

soft drink

Even soft drinks are not that beneficial for health. So don’t forget to drink soft drinks if you have an upset stomach. This will increase the problem.


Mushrooms grow mainly in moist soil. As a result, it may contain bacteria. Although mushrooms are properly processed before use in cooking, contamination can still occur. So it is better not to eat mushroom in rainy season.

salty food

Excess salt can cause water retention in the body. As a result, various problems may arise such as laziness, hunger, weight loss or gain etc. problems may occur.

sour cream

Due to the cooling nature of the food, eating curd during the monsoon season can be good for the body. If you suffer from sinusitis, it is best to avoid these dairy products.

Source: Healthshots