Due to which the traffic may be more in the afternoon, which DMP knew

The traffic department of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) said that there may be traffic jams in various areas of the capital on Sunday afternoon.

DMP Joint Commissioner (Traffic-South) SM Mehdi Hasan gave this information at a press conference organized at DMP Media Center on Sunday (July 7).

He said, we try to give advance notice of traffic movement at different times. Traffic conditions change in Dhaka city based on various programs. Sunday is the first working day of the week. Traffic movement is more on Sundays than other days.

SM Mehedi Hasan said, on the other hand, today there is a chariot procession of Sanatan religious people. It will start from Swamibagh ISKCON temple and end at Lalbagh. Devotees of Sanatan religion will travel to old Dhaka from different areas of Dhaka around Rath Yatra.

Referring to another issue, the joint commissioner of the traffic department said that a movement of students has been going on for quite some time. In all these, from this afternoon, there is a risk of traffic congestion in different places of Old Dhaka, Ramna, Motijheel, Shahbagh, Dhanmondi, Gulistan, Lalbagh and Wari areas as compared to other days. I request those who will travel to these areas to leave with enough time.

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When the anti-quota movement is going on, when asked what the traffic plan is, he said, “We are working on the traffic movement.” We work to reduce the suffering of the people on the roads. The anti-quota movement has been going on for quite some time. This closes the Shahbag intersection. Still we are trying with our limited manpower to make the journey of common people easy.

When asked what is the remedy for permanent traffic congestion in some areas, SM Mehdi said, we have taken several activities to resolve the permanent traffic congestion. The picture of Mohakhali bus terminal two months ago and the present picture have changed a bit. We do not classify motorcycles, private cars or buses in law enforcement. We enforce the law against those who break the law.

However, he said that it is not possible to solve this problem only by applying the law, but how many people apply the law, approximately 3000 people. These three thousand people are enforcing the law on two crore people. These two crore road users have a matter of awareness. If they are aware we don’t have to fall into a face-to-face position.