Ear, Nose and Throat doctor performed Caesarean section, critical patient

Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) doctor Shaheen Reza. But she performed a cesarean delivery. The condition of the patient named Dolly Khatun (30) is now critical. The relatives complained that during the operation, the mother’s food and urethra were cut.

The incident took place at Desh Clinic in Jessore city. Then on Sunday afternoon, the patient’s relatives went to the clinic. Shaheen protested by locking Reza in the operation room. Later, the police reached the spot and brought the situation under control.

The accused doctor claims that he is not a doctor of Gynecology or Surgery department. But MBBS doctor can do all treatments and operations. He is working in ENT department of Jessore General Hospital.

Relatives of the patient complained that on May 29, Dolly Khatun of Bagharpara upazila of Jessore was admitted to the country clinic in front of Jessore General Hospital. Shaheen Reza performed caesarean section of Dolly Khatun after various tests. The midwife gave birth to a girl child. After three days of treatment there, the relatives took the patient home. After going home, the patient’s condition worsened.

After that, when he was taken to another private hospital, various tests were conducted and it was reported that the patient had suffered from maltreatment. Her esophagus and urethra were cut off during the caesarean. The esophagus and urethra are then sutured together. Due to which the excrement is coming out through the urethra.

Relatives of the patient complained that during the operation, Shaheen Reza pretended to be a gynecologist and performed the operation. Later, when the problem arose, they found out that the doctor was from the Ear, Nose and Throat Department of Sadar Hospital. He is not a gynecologist. They have been cheated.

Another source said, Dr. Shaheen Reza sees patients in the ENT outpatient department of Jessore General Hospital. He is not a surgical doctor. But different types of surgeries are done in 4-5 clinics in the city. 15 days ago he got into controversy by operating a patient’s gallstone in a clinic. It is alleged that the patient was also subjected to maltreatment. The patient is currently undergoing treatment in Dhaka.

Dolly Khatun’s relative Sakibuzzaman Sakib said that after the operation, the doctor or the institution refused to take any responsibility for his aunt. The current patient is under treatment in a private hospital in Dhaka. So far 5-6 lakh rupees have been spent on the patient. But the patient is not recovering at all.

He requested the intervention of the administration in this incident.

SI Jahidul Islam of Jessore Kotwali Model Police Station said that he came to the spot and brought the situation under control after receiving information that doctors and patient’s relatives were fighting in the clinic. Relatives of the patient gave verbal complaints. The woman was a victim of doctor’s mistreatment. And the doctor says that the patient’s relatives wanted to torture him by holding him. No party filed a written complaint with the police. Legal action will be taken if complaints are received.

Accused Shaheen Reza said that he is not a doctor of gynecology or surgery department. But working in ENT department of Jessore General Hospital.

He claimed that MBBS doctors can perform all treatments and operations. And he does not know what the problem is with the patient. He claimed that the patient’s relatives did not approach him with any complaint.

Milan Rahman/ZH/GKS