‘Engine cover’ is being sold at the price of a bus seat

Bus tickets have already been sold for the upcoming Eid-ul-Azha. The journey of people back home has also started. Every seat is full. Although the seats are sold, the engine cover is kept for the supervisor-helper’s rest. However, due to high passenger pressure before Eid, the engine cover is being sold for three seats. In this case, the price is being charged like a bus seat.

A tour of the Gabtali bus terminal on Wednesday (June 12) found every counter largely empty. Those in charge at the counter said that all the seats have already been sold. Now selling the engine cover seat. If someone’s ticket is cancelled, it is also being sold, subject to refund.

It has been found that Durpalla buses have sold tickets at a higher price of Tk 100 to Tk 200 per seat. However, the buses of big companies have kept Tk 100 more, while the rest of the buses have kept more. Now the engine cover is being sold for three seats. Although it is very difficult for more than two people to sit there. The price is kept the same as the bus seats. There was anger among the passengers.

'Engine cover' is being sold at the price of a bus seat

Talked to Chuadanga passenger Arif. He told Jago News that he wants to leave Dhaka before Eid. That’s why I came to Gabtali to see if seats are available. But Purbasha Paribahan is asking for Tk 750 with seats on top of the engine cover. Since the top of the engine is always hot, the price should be kept low. But they (the counter) told a price.

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  • If there are more passengers on Eid Yatra/Gabtali, the fare will be increased.

Passenger Tanim of Jhenaidah Kaliganj gave the same complaint. He told Jago News that almost every car today is selling the engine cover with three seats. While at other times each seat was sold at Tk 600 to Tk 650, during Eid those seats were Tk 750. They were ok because of Eid but I don’t understand how the price of engine cover is 750 taka. However, I may have to take a bus in the hope that I will be able to go home in the morning.

'Engine cover' is being sold at the price of a bus seat

But the counter masters say different things about the complaint. According to them, every bus engine cover seats are sold based on the number of passengers. Seats are vacant after Eid, there is no need to sell engine covers. Moreover, this money belongs to the owner, the seat is sold at the request of the passenger.

Hasan who works at the counter told Jago News that we sell tickets at the request of passengers. At other times, the bus owner takes the empty vehicle, and reimburses those expenses during Eid. Many times the car is at a loss here, considering these aspects, the engine cover is also sold.

'Engine cover' is being sold at the price of a bus seat

About taking more money, he said, ‘Money is not being taken more, it is fixed rent.’