Environment of Meherpur under threat due to indiscriminate use of polythene

Polythene is being used everywhere in the market or shop. Polythene bags are seen in the hands of most of the buyers. The administration has no strong initiative to stop it. As a result, its use is increasing day by day in Meherpur. This is polluting the environment, damaging the agricultural land.

If you visit the shops and markets of Meherpur, you have to buy polythene bags for vegetables, fish, meat, pulses. Sellers are handing out polythene bags to carry any product after purchase.

However, Bangladesh Environment Protection (Amendment) Act was amended in 2002 to protect agriculture and environment by stopping the free use of polythene. The amendment to Act No. 9 of 2002 passed by the National Parliament prohibits the import, sale and display of polythene shopping bags or any article made of polyethylene or polypropylene. In case of violation, there is a provision of imprisonment and fine. But in violation of this law, polythene bags are being sold in the markets under the nose of the administration.

Talking to the traders of Meherpur’s Mujibnagar, Gangni, Baradi, Amjhupi, Anandbas, Pirojpur, Bamandi and Hemayetpur, it is known that polythene bags are made in the capital itself. From there it is transferred to the dealers in each district and upazila. From there a few retailers come and go with polythene bags on any day of the week. These bags are sold in shops. According to traders, at least 25,000 polythenes are sold every week in Meherpur district.

Sohanur Rahman, a shopper of Meherpur Anandbas village, said, now, if you go to the market, you don’t need to buy a bag. Sellers fill polythene bags while buying something. Again, many grocers put various goods in polythene bags by measuring half a kg, one kg or two kg for the convenience of sale. There are no paper wrappers or jute bags in the market. Due to the easy availability of polythene, its use has increased.

Businessman Azizul Islam said that although there is a law to ban the use of polythene, it has not been implemented. Due to which polythene is increasing day by day. It is easily available now.

Enamul Azim, a former assistant professor of geography and environmental science at Meherpur Gangni Women’s Degree College, who works on the environment, said that the banned polythene causes serious damage to the agricultural land and the environment at the same time. It is a non-degradable plastic material. which remains unchanged for a long time and pollutes soil and water. In this, the fertility of the soil, strength and quality is lost and the yield is reduced. The government clamped down on its production and use through legal processes. But with the passage of time, the implementation of this law seems to have become unimportant to those concerned.

Meherpur District Commissioner Shamim Hasan said awareness should be created to stop the use of harmful polythene bags. If necessary, action will be taken by conducting mobile courts.

Asif Iqbal/ZH/MS