European football is toughened by the expansion of the new law

New rules have been introduced in the current season of the Euro Championship to increase discipline and save time on the football field. The new law was introduced by UEFA, the organizing and governing body of European football.

In the interpretation of the law, UEFA said that if the teams have any objection to a decision of the referee in the Euro tournament, then only the captain of that particular team can speak to the referee. No other player may argue with the referee.

The organization claims that sometimes the footballers object to the referee’s decision. While talking about the matter, the footballers are also seen engaging in verbal arguments with the on-field umpire. This creates chaos in the field and wastes time. The new law will change the rules of conduct of footballers on the field. Discipline will increase on the field of play and discussion with the referee will also be fruitful.

UEFA has decided to apply this new law to all tournaments under its jurisdiction. This decision was announced by UEFA Managing Director Roberto Rossetti in a press briefing on Friday.

“The process is positive,” Rossetti said. Referees giving information to captains. They are also responding very positively. It’s also easy for other players; They don’t have to go to the referee; The referee does not have to be surrounded. This is a law that is very positive for football.’

‘We had some sanctions for those players who didn’t respect it. This is a transitional period. But the Association of European National Teams has already asked us to introduce the law. “They want to obey the law,” he added.

Many national level tournaments are held under UEFA. One of them is European Qualifiers, Euro Championship, UEFA Nations League and Finals, etc.

Besides, many club competitions are under UEFA. Some of the popular ones are Champions League, Europa League and Super League etc.