Everyone saw how weak we were mentally: Fahim

Despite restricting Sri Lanka to 124 for a 2-wicket victory, the small target of 114 runs against South Africa in the group stage was not met. And it was not possible to touch the modest target of 116 runs against Afghanistan in the last match of Super Eight. After losing to South Africa by 4 runs, Nazmul Hussain Shanto’s team lost to Afghans by 8 runs on DL method in St. Vincent today.

Not only losing, Bangladesh could have played in the semi-finals if they had reached that target in 12.1 overs. But listening to the captain Shanta after the game, it seemed that after losing a few wickets early in the innings, the team shook off the thought of playing in the semis. Thinking only about winning the match, in the end he could not even fulfill the goal.

The frustration of not getting two in the same match. Very disappointed and angry fans. On the one hand, regardless of the result, as there was a possibility and opportunity to play the semi-final. So the first and foremost objective of the Shant Bhai should have been to win the match in 12.1 overs. As for the other side, if not, at least they should have won the match and left the field as winners.

National team coach and analyst Nazmul Abedin Fahim thinks that even if they could not fulfill their dreams of playing in the semi-finals, at least the calm forces should have won the match. Shakib Al Hasan’s mentor tried to explain that at least winning the last match would have given a message. Afghanistan defeated Australia, Bangladesh gave the Aussies a chance to play in the semis after defeating them. The image of Bangladesh would be enhanced by it.

In an exclusive talk with Jago News on Tuesday evening, Fahim said, ‘It would be a great thing to go to the semis. Regardless of how we played throughout the tournament, we had a great chance to reach the last four. And it would be a big deal if you could use it to step into the Semi. It didn’t happen. The regret is gone. Still, at least the match should have been won.’

Even if we won the match, our image would have been right. At that time it could be said that we won 3 matches in the group stage. And in the Super Eight, we lost to Inform Afghans. I was able to make an impact in the Super Eight. Australia played in the semi-finals because we beat the Afghans, everyone was talking about that. Because of our influence, not the Afghans, but the Aussies in Semi. The opportunity came to prove it. A target of so few runs, we could not chase and win. That will be a great example of our plight.’

Fahim, the coach and analyst, feels that Bangladesh’s cricketers’ mental weakness is more than the lack of skill due to the way Bangladesh lost. That’s why he said, ‘It’s not just a matter of skill. Everyone saw how mentally weak we are as a team. knew It’s a shame.’