Ex-husband Ehtesham’s miserable defeat to Apsana Begum

Apsana Begum, the Labor Party candidate of Bangladeshi origin, has won the Poplar and Limehouse seat, which is dominated by Bangladeshis, in the UK national elections. On the other hand, her ex-husband Ehteshamul Haque was badly defeated by Apsana. This politician was elected MP for the second consecutive time.

According to Tower Hamlets Council of UK, Apsana Begum got 18 thousand 535 votes. On the other hand, her ex-husband Ehteshamul Haque came fourth in that seat by getting 4 thousand 554 votes as an independent candidate. And Green Party’s Nathalie Bainfitt came second with 5,975 votes. Moreover, Freddie Downing of the Conservative Party came third with 4 thousand 738 votes.

In 2013, Apsana Begum, daughter of former Councilor Monir Uddin Ahmed of Tower Hamlets Council and former Councilor Ehteshamul Haque got married. Ehteshamul Haque was a former Councilor of Tower Hamlets Council. Apsana said that in the middle of 2016, she separated from Ehteshamul Haque. Later, their marriage and various post-marriage matters went to court.

Apsana was elected MP for the first time in 2019. In that election, he was elected as an MP after defeating the Conservative candidate Sheun Ock by about 29,000 votes. After being elected as an MP, she also chaired the British Parliament’s All-Party Parliamentary Committee on Domestic Violence.

Although Apsana was born and brought up in Tower Hamlets, her ancestral home is Jagannathpur in Sunamganj district of Bangladesh. Afsana’s father Monir Uddin was a councilor in Tower Hamlets.

Apsana Begum’s Labor Party won the majority in this year’s general election in the United Kingdom. The British media BBC reported that the Labor Party won 333 seats. On the other hand, the Conservative Party got 71 seats. And the Liberal Democrats won 46 seats.

Source: Opinion, Tower Hamlets Council