Exceptional ‘friend’ combination: not you, you are noisy to call!

this stop Why are you addressing? But if you don’t address it, you can’t give a speech. Friday (July 5) capitalDuring the program at the Institution of Diploma Engineers, Bangladesh (IDEB) building, at the beginning of the speech on the stage, the friends present at the venue stopped the speaking friend with noise as you addressed the friends. Later, when you started your speech, the friends present burst into cheers.

All those who were making noise were in their fifties. What’s more, the friends spend the day singing and dancing all day without knowing their age. Even after taking hundreds of selfies throughout the day, the taste of friends has not faded. And so at the time of farewell, one friend asked another friend to know when such a day will come again?


In 1987, such a scene took place at the first anniversary and Eid reunion ceremony of ‘Bangladesh-87’, an organization of students who passed SSC across the country. More than five hundred friends of Bangladesh-87 from 40 districts of the country participated in this event from morning to evening. Even though they come from different departments and districts of the country, they all have the same identity, we are friends of 87.

On the occasion, 10 Satashian friends were given commemorative awards in recognition of their success in various fields of work. The awardees are Entrepreneur-Pulak Kanti Barua, Corporate Personality-Amitabh Saha, Social Service- Ashek Ullah Rafiq MP, Education-Mizanur Rahman, Health-Shah Mohammad Fazle Rabbi, Organization-The Alliance, Telecommunication-Abbas Farooq, Journalism-Maniruzzaman Ujjal, Sports- Alfaz Ahmed and Jahangir Alam Rana in business.