Expulsion of Rajshahi IHT with Chhatra League President 6

The authorities have expelled six people, including the branch president of the Chhatra League, for different terms for trading seats and beating up a student in the Rajshahi Institute of Health Technology (IHT).

Besides stopping all their academic activities, they were also banned from entering the campus and staying in hostels.

The IHT authority disclosed the matter in the form of a notice on Thursday (July 4) afternoon. IHT principal Dr. Farhana Haque confirmed this.

Those punished are – IHT Branch Chhatra League President Al Amin Hossain (Dental Faculty 2019-20), Masood Parvez (Dental B Gallery 2023-24), Farhan Hossain (Dental B Gallery 2023-24), Shahriar Nafiz (Lab A Gallery 2023-24). , Pervez Musharraf (Lab A Gallery 2023-24) and Niloy Kumar (Radiology A Gallery 2023-24). Among them, Al Amin was expelled for one year and the rest for 6 months.

Besides, Sifat of the same academic year (Pharmacy) has been reprimanded and warned to refrain from such activities in future. And the victim student (Pharmacy) Hasan has been reprimanded and warned for transacting money with another person (Chhatra League President) without informing the administration.

According to the notice, among the punished students, Al Amin (Chatra League president) accepted money from Hasan, a first year student, in the name of giving a hostel seat. Five other students (student league workers) beat Hasan. After that, in the light of the report of the inquiry committee, the punishment decision was taken in the academic meeting on June 6.

This order came into effect from July 1.

In this regard, Chhatra League President Al Amin said that he will know if it is published shortly before the campus holidays. He is still staying in campus and hostel. No punishment letter received.

IHT principal Dr. Farhana Haque said that an investigation committee was formed in this incident. In the light of the committee’s report, the academic council meeting decided the punishment. Those who have been punished will not be allowed to stay in the campus.

Regarding the delay in publishing the notice, he said, they were busy with several works for several days. Due to this, the notice could not be published.

Earlier on April 29, Hasan, a first-year student of IHT’s pharmacy department, was beaten up. Later, he was admitted to Rajshahi Medical College Hospital. A five-member committee was formed to investigate the incident and announced the closure of the IHT campus from May 1. After the committee submitted its report, disciplinary action was taken against those involved.

The complaint was that the student named Hasan gave 16 thousand taka to Al Amin, president of the IHT branch, for the hostel seat. Even then he did not arrange a seat. Two days before the incident, he asked the president to return the money. Without giving the money, the president threatened him on the contrary. On April 29, Hasan was taking classes at Pratham Gallery. At the end of the class, five to seven boys came and beat him up. Several other students like Hasan complained of torture against the Chhatra League at that time.

Sakhawat Hussain/ZH/GKS