Fingers found in ice cream!

Mumbai-based doctor Orlem Brandon Serrao ordered some ice cream online to get some relief from the intense heat. But the ice cream that will leave him traumatized, who knew!

It is learned that the doctor, who lives in Mumbai’s Malad suburb, ordered an ice cream online on Wednesday (June 12). A human finger is found in that ice cream.

Dr. Sera also said that his sister was ordering some items from the grocery store online. As it was very hot, he asked his sister to order ice cream. When the order arrived at home, there was a problem while trying to eat ice cream.

At one stage of eating the ice cream, he felt the presence of something nutty. But look carefully and notice that there is not a nut in the ice cream, but a finger of a human hand! He was shocked at such an incident.

This young man shared his experience claiming the issue to be at least sad. He said, I ordered three ice creams from an app. One of them was Yammo brand butterscotch. After eating half of it, I could feel something hard in my mouth. I thought it might be nuts or chocolate chips.

‘But what I found on closer inspection shocked me. I’m a doctor, so I know what parts of the body look like. When I examined it carefully, I noticed fingernails and fingerprints with the hard substance, which resembled a thumb.’

Serra also immediately put the finger in an ice pack, so he could show it to the police intact. Later he took the finger to Malad police station and filed a case against the ice cream company.

The police have sent the ice cream and the finger to the forensic department for investigation. Moreover, the presence of a body part in the food product raises the suspicion of a major crime. The police are investigating the whole matter.

Source: NDTV