Fire at nursing home in Uruguay kills 10

A fire at a nursing home for the elderly in Uruguay has killed 10 people. A fire broke out there on Sunday morning local time. However, the caretaker of the nursing home somehow survived the fire. Local authorities have confirmed this information. News from AFP.

Eight women and two men died in the fire in the 6-room nursing home located in the city of Trenta e Tres in the eastern part of the South American country. Local officials confirmed this information in a statement.

When firefighters arrived at the scene, they found the main entrance to the nursing home closed. After entering the building, they found fire in the living room and smoke spread throughout the building.

A 20-year-old caretaker of the nursing home was able to escape safely through a garage, a statement said.

As soon as the fire broke out in the building, seven people lost their lives due to smoke inhalation. Besides, three others were admitted to the hospital in serious condition and died while undergoing treatment.

Uruguay’s Minister of Public Health, Carina Rando, said the fire was being treated as an accident. However, he said that the incident will be investigated.

Rando said the building was in very good condition. However, in recent times there have been minor observations.

About a week ago, a fire broke out in another nursing home located in the eastern city of Mello. The nursing home was dedicated to the elderly and mentally ill people. At the time of the accident, 40 people were evacuated from there. Among them, a 77-year-old man and a 72-year-old woman lost their lives.