Fire in the farm, 13 sacrificial cows were burnt to death

Eid al-Adha is only a few days away. Right now, 13 cows prepared for Eid have burnt to death. Also 3500 chickens of the farm were burnt to death. The victim farmer said that there has been a loss of around 50 lakh rupees.

On Wednesday (June 12) around 3:30 am, the fire took place at Milon Munsi’s cow farm in Umedpur, Madaripur’s Shibchar Upazila.

According to the victim and local sources, the locals saw the fire burning at Milan Munsi’s cow farm in Kalikhola Bazar area of ​​Shivchar’s Umedpur Union around 3:30 am. At that time, 14 cows were tied in that farm. Sensing the fire, a cow broke the rope and ran out. And before the fire was extinguished, another 13 cows were burnt to death.

In addition, 3 thousand chickens died in the fire in the manure in the farm. The fire was extinguished with the help of the locals, but by then everything in the farm was burnt.

Cow farm owner Milan Munshi said these cows were prepared to be sold for Eid al-Adha this year. I took care of the cows with great difficulty. Cow food is very expensive in the current market. Still we reared the cows hoping for some profit. Today (Wednesday) the cows were supposed to be taken for sale in various markets. But in the night, 13 cows of the farm and 3500 chickens of the chicken farm were burnt to death. I have suffered a loss of 50 lakh rupees. I’m just sitting on the road with this fire incident. All my dreams are over.

Shivchar’s Umedpur Union Parishad Chairman Nuruzzaman Munshi said that there was a fire incident in a cow farm in Kalikhola market. 13 cows were burnt to death. These cows were prepared to be sold in Qorbani markets in different areas. Besides, 3,500 boiler chickens were burnt to death in the chicken farm of the same person. No one could say how the fire started. Therefore, I demand an investigation from the local administration whether the matter is vandalism or an accident.

Ayesha Siddiqa Akashi/FA/ASM