Five cots waiting for the body

Five friends were killed when a private car overturned in Pabna’s Ishwardi. Relatives are now waiting for their bodies with cots. On Friday (July 5) morning, this scene was seen in Azampur and Bhadimari villages of the upazila.

Mukul Hossain, the relative of the deceased Shishir said, “We have applied to the administration to hand over the body to us without performing the autopsy.” I know that the administration has approved the application. The body will be brought home shortly. So I started digging graves to prepare for burial.

Sifat’s grandfather Suleiman Pramanik said that the grandson died. The body will arrive shortly. That’s why I am waiting with Khatia. Sifat has no father. He also died in a road accident in 2014. Sifat’s mother is married elsewhere. I raised him. The death of son after grandson is very painful.

Ali Hossain of Azampur village said that four people of this village died in a road accident at the same time. In preparation for burial, the body has been brought to the neighboring mosque along with the cots of the village mosque. The whole village people are shocked. I cannot accept the death of five young people including four of this village.

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Shaon’s neighbor Amjad Hossain said, “We are waiting for Shaon’s dead body.” When the body comes, I will wash it and put it on the bed and prepare it for funeral. Grave digging has also started.

Earlier on Thursday around 9.30 pm, five friends were killed when their private car lost control in front of Pabna Sugar Mill on Ishwardi-Pabna highway.

They are Jihad Hossain (17), Riyadul Islam Shishir (18), Sifat Hossain, Vijay Hossain (19) and Shaon (18) of Ishwardi upazila. Apart from the driver Vijay Hossain, the other four are students of Ishwardi Textile Vocational Institute.

In-charge of Pakshi Highway Police Outpost Belal Uddin told Jago News that the process of handing over the body to the family is underway. Will be handed over shortly.

Sheikh Mohsin/ZH/GKS