‘Five times the visitor’s fee at the botanical garden is unreasonable’

The Bangladesh Environment Movement (Bapa) is concerned about the increase in the entrance fee of the botanical garden of Mirpur in the capital by five times (from Tk. 20 to Tk. 100). Also increasing the fees will hamper the development of children. Therefore, we find the decision to increase the fee to be unfair and unreasonable.

On Thursday (July 4), BPA Acting President Professor Khandkar Bajlul Haque and General Secretary Alamgir Kabir issued a joint statement against the five-fold increase in the entry fee at Mirpur Botanical Garden.

They said, earlier the entry fee of this national botanical garden was 20 rupees; And there was no fee to go to the park before for exercise. Now the fee has been increased by 100 taka, the fee for physical exercise will be 500 taka. From today every visitor will have to pay five times the fee to enter the park.

On April 21, a notification was issued from the Ministry’s Forest Division-1 regarding the increase in the entrance fee of the botanical garden. It has been said that for those above 12 years of age, an entry fee of Tk 100 per person has to be paid. For those below this age, the entry fee is Rs.50 and the physical exercise fee is Rs.500.

Already, the places of common people in Dhaka are decreasing day by day. Children cannot see plants and greenery, increasing the fee at such a high rate will hinder the development of children, so we consider the decision to increase the fee inappropriate and unreasonable.

We demand to change the decision to increase the fees quickly and keep the parks and playgrounds of the whole country open for the general public, including Dhaka.