Flood has taken a terrible form in Kurigram

The flood situation in Kurigram has become dire. People have suffered due to continuous flood for 6 consecutive days. There is no end to the suffering of the people especially on the banks of Dharla and Brahmaputra rivers. Thousands of flood-affected people have left their homes and taken shelter elsewhere.

According to the information received at 9 am by the Kurigram Water Development Board, the water at Chilmari point of the Brahmaputra river is somewhat stable, but the water in the Dharla and Dudhkumar rivers has increased. According to the data, Brahmaputra river water is flowing above 26.58 cm, Dharla 26.36 cm, Dudhkumar 30.11 cm and Teesta river 29.20 cm.

Two lakh people of about 60 unions including two municipalities of 9 upazilas of the district have become watertight. Initially, people have been in trouble with the cattle due to rising water in the high places where they kept their cattle for the last two days. Many have taken refuge in their own boats, elevated roads, flood shelters, educational institutions and higher ground or relative’s houses to save their lives.

Flood has taken a terrible form in Kurigram

Shamsul Alam of Gujimari village of Ulipur’s Hatia Union has taken refuge in a boat with his wife, son and 2 grandsons for the past 5 days. He said, I have taken shelter in the boat so that the house furniture, rice and pulses, clothes and valuables are not lost. I can’t do any cooking because of the rain all day. I’m in a lot of trouble.

Char Baguar Mansur Ali of Saheber Alga Union of the same upazila said that no one has come to inquire so far. Cooking is also stopped as the stove is damaged by rainwater.

Motiur of Hoker Char of the same upazila said, ‘The little girl is sick. I can’t find any doctor. It is sweeping.’

Chamiran of Kalir Alga village of Jatrapur Union of Sadar Upazila said, ‘I am in an open boat. Officially getting rice, pulses and oil, but due to lack of wood, I could not do the work. Polapan is crying a lot.’

Flood has taken a terrible form in Kurigram

Meanwhile, at Nageshwari in Kurigram, the Dudhkumar river dam broke and water entered the locality. About 15 more villages have been inundated. The old embankment in Miapara area of ​​Bamondanga union of the upazila collapsed in two places of about 100 meters area. As a result, the strong current entered through the broken part and flooded one village after another. Nageshwari municipal town is likely to be submerged if the water rises further. Due to the breach of the dam, Mia Para, Maliani, Senpara, Teliani, Pateshwari, Boalerdara, Antaipara, Dhanitari, Vidhbatari, Baramani, Bamondanga, Sanjuar Vita, Bhushitari, Fakirtari villages of Ward No. 3 of Nageshwari Municipality of Bamondanga Union have already been flooded.

Asaduzzaman Roni, chairman of Bamondanga Union Parishad, said that the 7th ward of his union was flooded from Friday night. In the morning, Miapara embankment broke at two places. Several villages have been inundated again. There are several other dams which are in danger of breaking.

Drawing the attention of the authorities, he further said that they need to be repaired quickly.

Nageshwari Upazila Nirbahi Officer Sibbir Ahmed said, I have come to know about the breaking of the dam through the chairman, nothing can be said without the on-site inspection.

Rakibul Hasan, executive engineer of Kurigram Water Development Board, said that the construction of Dudhkumar river bank protection dam is ongoing. Neither they nor the Water Development Board have any news of breaking flood control dams.

Dr. Kurigram Civil Surgeon. Manzoor-e-Murshed, Union level 83 medical teams are working in flood affected areas.

But virtually no one was seen in the flooded area. Banvasi said that no medical team has inquired in those villages for the last 5 days.

Flood has taken a terrible form in Kurigram

Kurigram Agriculture Extension Department Deputy Director Abdullah Al Mamun said that till now 6 thousand 660 hectares of crop land, seed beds and vegetables are submerged in flood water. If the water recedes, the damage will be calculated.

District Primary Education Officer Nabej Uddin Sarkar said that 265 educational institutions are closed due to flooding.

District Education Officer Shamsul Alam said that 103 educational institutions have been declared closed due to ongoing floods. Among them, there are 71 schools, 32 madrasas and 6 colleges at the secondary level.

Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Saidul Arif said that all preparations have been made to deal with the situation. If any problem is brought to our notice, we will take immediate action. We stand together to stand by the flood victims.

Fazlu Farazi/FA/MS