Flood situation worsens in Gaibandha, teaching stopped in 29 schools

The flood situation has further worsened as the water levels in rivers and streams continued to rise in Gaibandha. New areas are being flooded. The water of Yamuna, Brahmaputra, Ghaghat and Karatoa rivers in the district is rising. In this situation, teaching has been stopped in 29 schools.

At Phulchari Point in Gaibandha, the water of the Yamuna and Brahmaputra rivers is 77 cm above the water level and at the new bridge point of the city, the water of the Ghaghat river is flowing 29 cm above the water level. Kamarjani, Mollarchar, Gidari, Ghagoa and Erandabari, Phulchhari and Fazlupur of Sadar Upazila, Tarapur of Sundarganj Upazila, Haripur Union and Bharatkhali and Haldia Union of Saghata Upazila are getting flooded in several areas.

Due to rising water in the river, new erosion has occurred in different places including Mollar Char of Sadar Upazila, Fazlupur Union of Phulchari, Haldia Union of Saghata Upazila.

Flood situation worsens in Gaibandha, teaching stopped in 29 schools

According to the District Water Development Board (PUBO), the water in the Brahmaputra and Yamuna rivers has risen by 51 cm at Phulchari point in the last 24 hours. Similarly, the water level of Ghaghat river rose by 46 cm at New Bridge Point in district town and 50 cm at Chakarhimapur point in Gobindganj, Karatoya. On the other hand, Teesta water has decreased by 23 cm at Kaunia Point near Sundarganj Upazila.

The water has risen and houses and roads in Char area have been submerged. Many summer crops are submerged in water. About 30 thousand people of the district are living under water. They are in trouble with domestic animals and birds along with cooking.

Flood situation worsens in Gaibandha, teaching stopped in 29 schools

Zainal Mia is a resident of Mollarchar Union of Sadar Upazila. He said, ‘Every house in Char is submerged in water. Some are on a boat, some are on a loft. Everyone here is in trouble.’

Another resident, Kaiser Pramanik, said, ‘There is only water splashing around. Even though we people have made some difficulties, accommodation is being arranged. But I am very worried about the cattle.’

Meanwhile, classes have been suspended in 29 primary schools in the district due to ingress of flood water. District Primary Education Officer Shahidul Islam confirmed the matter on phone in the evening.

Flood situation worsens in Gaibandha, teaching stopped in 29 schools

He said, ‘Water has entered the fields and classrooms of the closed institutions. Roads are submerged in some areas. Neither students nor teachers can go to school. That is why teaching has been stopped in 29 schools of four flood-affected upazilas.

Gaibandha Water Development Board Executive Engineer Hafizul Haque told Jago News that the water in all rivers and streams in Gaibandha is rising due to heavy rains and heavy rains. If the water rises in this way, there is a danger of a big flood.

AH Shamim/SR/JIM