‘Football treats us unkindly’

They are called the golden generation of Croatia. Luka Modric is the last representative of that generation. 2018 World Cup final loss, 2022 World Cup semi-final loss. Croatia did not touch the elusive trophy by going so close.

Croatia also performed well in Euro 2024. They were leading 1-0 with Italy until the 97th minute with Modric’s goal. They had to win this match to go to the next round. But in the 98th minute, Modric’s dream was broken by a goal scored by Jackagni.

Without winning against Italy, Croatia’s exit from the Euro is almost guaranteed. That’s why Modric broke down in tears after the match. At a press conference, he said, ‘Football has behaved unkindly towards us today. It is inhumane. Draw equivalent rates cannot be accepted as such God does not always laugh at us.’

Croatia is third in the group with two points after a draw in this match. As the best third team, they will have to look at three matches with a lot of ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ to make it to the next round. Which is more likely not to come in their favour.