Foreign travel at government expense is stopped, cars cannot be bought

In the current (2024-25) fiscal year, the government has announced the suspension of participation in foreign travel, workshops, seminars with government funds. Also purchase of all types of vehicles will be stopped. Besides, initiatives have been taken to reduce gas and fuel costs.

In the context of the current global economic situation, with the aim of reducing government expenditure in the fiscal year 2024-25, all ministries, departments, other institutions and subordinate directorates, inspectorates, departments, autonomous bodies, public sector corporations and state-owned companies have been banned from traveling abroad and purchasing vehicles under the operational and development budget. The government did.

On Thursday (July 4) the Finance Department of the Ministry of Finance has issued instructions in this regard. It was signed by Deputy Secretary Md. Helal Uddin.

It has been said that participation in all types of foreign travel, workshops and seminars will be stopped at the government’s own expense. However, travel abroad can be done in some cases with the permission of the appropriate authorities on a limited basis in case of necessity.

In cases where foreign travel can be done

>> Travel abroad for study in Master’s and PhD courses with foreign funding under government funding under management and development budget and under scholarships, fellowships provided by various development aid agencies, universities, countries.

>>Participation in overseas training organized by invitation and fully funded by foreign governments, institutions, development partners.

>> Circulars issued by Bangladesh Public Procurement Authority in Memorandum No. 1 dated January 2 this year should be strictly followed in the case of foreign travel under Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI), Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). However, prior approval of the Prime Minister’s Office should be taken in the case of foreign travel under PSI, FAT, as a matter of absolute necessity.

Expenditure covered by the operating budget

>> Expenditure will be stopped from all types of bulk allocation (code number 3911111 and 4911111).

>> A maximum of 80 percent of the allocated amount can be spent on ‘3211113-Electricity’, ‘3243101-Petrol, Oil and Lubricants’ and ‘3243102-Gas and Energy’.

>> Construction of new residential (4111101)/non-residential (4111201)/other building constructions (4111317) will be stopped except for constructions related to Ministry of Education, Health and Agriculture under the operating budget. However, if the ongoing construction work is completed at least 70 percent, the expenditure can be incurred with the approval of the Finance Department.

>> All types of vehicle purchase (‘4112101-Motor vehicles’, ‘4112102-Watercraft’, ‘4112103-Aircraft’) will be closed. However, in case of replacement of TO&E vehicles more than 10 years old, expenditure can be incurred with the approval of Finance Department.

>> Expenditure of money allocated under ‘4141101-Land Acquisition’ sector will be closed.

Expenditure under development budget

>> A maximum of 80 percent of the allocated amount can be spent on ‘3211113-Electricity’, ‘3243101-Petrol, Oil and Lubricants’ and ‘3243102-Gas and Energy’.

>> Purchase of all vehicles (‘4112101-Motors’, ‘4112102-Watercraft’, ‘4112103-Aircraft’) will be closed.

>> In case of ‘4141101-Land Acquisition’ the expenditure may be incurred subject to the prior approval of the Finance Department following all the formalities of the acquisition process.

>> The entire portion of GOB reserved under ‘Development Assistance for Special Needs’ in favor of Planning Commission and reserved as ‘Bulk Allocation’ in favor of Ministries/Departments can be spent subject to prior approval of Finance Department.