Forget everything and forgive today

In life we ​​face some situations which are quite difficult to handle. I often suffer from the behavior of loved ones. Maybe they do not talk day after day because of being proud of them. It increases the suffering, not less. So today you can forget all anger and shame and forgive him.

Today 7 July is Global Forgiveness Day. So don’t hold grudges and forgive everyone. Not only that, today apologize to others for the wrong done by you. Forgiveness is a noble virtue. There are countless examples of such forgiveness in history.

Nobuo Fujita, a Japanese fighter pilot, dropped a bomb over Oregon on the West Coast of the United States during World War II. Which creates a big fire. The city of Brookings, Oregon was heavily damaged. But in 1962, Fujita went to Brookings and apologized to everyone. Surprisingly, the townspeople agreed.

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In the late 20th century, Pope John Paul II publicly forgave the man who tried to kill him and even visited him in prison during his sentence. It was in this century that scientists, educators, and psychologists began to pay attention to forgiveness. A lot of studies and research projects started on this. Researchers have looked at how forgiveness can affect human behavior and emotional development.

National Apology Day was established in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. They hung a single banner announcing the day in downtown Victoria. This day is named as Global Forgiveness Day because of its prominence all over the world.

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Source: National Today