Funeral of the four deceased friends together, burial in the same cemetery

Five friends were killed when a private car overturned in Pabna’s Ishwardi. Four of them live in Azampur village of Dashuria union of the upazila. The deceased four friends were buried together in the funeral and in the same cemetery.

The funeral of another friend of the deceased was held in Bharaimari village of Salimpur union of the upazila. Pakshi Highway Police handed over the body to the family around 10 am on Friday (July 5) without an autopsy in view of the request of the relatives.

One by one, vehicles carrying bodies of Jihad Hossain (17), Riyadul Islam Shishir (18), Sifat Hossain (18) and Vijay Hossain (19) entered Azampur village. Meanwhile, a heartbreaking scene took place at the house of the deceased. The area became heavy with the cries of relatives. They cannot accept the death of four young people of the village at the same time.

After the Friday prayers, the funeral of the four deceased friends was held in front of the Azampur mosque at 2:15 pm. Kalikapur Madrasa Superintendent Sadiqul Amin led the funeral. The second funeral was held at the Azampur-Degreepara cemetery. The four friends were later buried side by side in the cemetery.

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Upazila Parishad Chairman Bakul Sardar, Vice Chairman Abdus Salam Khan, Dashuria Union Parishad Chairman Bakul Sardar along with thousands of people from Ishwardi Upazila were present in the funeral.

On the other hand, after the funeral of another deceased friend, Shaon was buried in his native village Bhardimari cemetery.

Road accident in Ishwardi / funeral of four friends killed together, burial in the same cemetery

Earlier, Upazila Executive Officer (UNO) Subir Kumar Das went to Azampur village to console the family members of the victims. At this time, he said that the administration will support the families of the victims as much as possible. We are there for them in any need.

Five friends in a private car were killed and two seriously injured when a private car lost control in front of Pabna Sugar Mill on Ishwardi-Pabna highway around 9:15 pm on Thursday (July 4).

The deceased are Jihad Hossain (17) son of Rezaul Karim of Azampur village of Dashuria union of Ishwardi upazila, Riyadul Islam Shishir (18) son of Ilyas Hossain, Sifat Hossain (18) son of deceased Masum Hossain, Vijay Hossain (19) son of Anwar Hossain and Waj Uddin of Bharaimari village. Son Shawn (18).

The accident took place on the way to Azampur village with Shaon Hossain’s private car from Bharimari village in Dashuria. Apart from the driver Vijay Hossain, the other four are students of Ishwardi Textile Vocational Institute.

Sheikh Mohsin/SR/ASM