German coach wants to use AI for penalties in handball

Germany had to leave Spain in the quarter-finals of the Euro Championship. The coach of the team, Julian Naglesman, cannot accept such a departure from the Germans with a last-minute goal.

The wound of the referee not giving a penalty to Cucurella of Spain’s handball inside the D box in the extra time of the match is still burning. Therefore, this coach wanted to use artificial intelligence in giving handball penalties.

“When it happened, I didn’t see well,” the 36-year-old coach said after the match. I think it was a penalty. Later when I watched it on TV it didn’t seem like the referee probably made the right decision. They were more fortunate than us in this regard.’

Former Bayern coach Nagelsmann said he was not deceived by the referee’s decision, but raised some questions at the press conference. He said, ‘According to the law, it did not seem to be a wrong decision. They applied the rule and it wasn’t a penalty. I didn’t feel cheated. But in terms of reality and logic, my question is, how does it apply? I have talked about this many times before. You look at his hands. I don’t understand why they didn’t take the trajectory of the ball into account. If Musiala had hit the ball outside, I had no question about it. But it wasn’t going anywhere. And you should have taken that into account. Was it going into the sky or into the goal? In one case it is a penalty and in another case it is not.’

Then the German coach demanded the use of artificial intelligence in football, ‘The rules should be very simple. You cannot speak on purpose. You have to see where the ball is going. You have 50 robots who can bring you coffee whenever they want. So here artificial intelligence (AI) should be calculated, where the ball is going.’