Girl rape: Mushtaq-Fawzia exoneration and protest order on July 4

In the case of allegation of seduction and rape of a student of Ideal School and College in the capital Motijheel, the court has fixed July 4 for the order on the plea of ​​exemption and the order on the objection of Khandaker Mushtaq Ahmed, the donor member of the governing body of the institution and Fauzia Rashedid, the principal of the college.

On Thursday (June 13), Judge Shaukat Ali of Women and Children Suppression Tribunal-8 of Dhaka set the day.

Earlier, on Sunday (June 2), the PBI submitted a report to Mushtaq Ahmed and the principal of the college, Fawzia Rashedid, in the court of Judge Shaukat Ali of Dhaka’s Women and Child Suppression Tribunal-8.

After that, the plaintiff of the case complained again about the report, the father of the student. Saiful Islam Today (June 13) a hearing was held on Naraji’s application. The court fixed July 4 for the order to review the documents.

On March 3, the plaintiff of the case filed a complaint in the court of Judge Shaukat Ali of Dhaka Women and Child Torture Prevention Tribunal-8. The court accepted the statement of the plaintiff and fixed March 14 for the order in this regard.

On March 14, Judge Shaukat Ali’s court of Dhaka Women and Child Abuse Prevention Tribunal-8 ordered the Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) to investigate the final report given by the police recommending the release of Khandaker Mushtaq Ahmed and Fauzia Rashedi.

The student’s father filed the case in court on August 1, 2023. Accepting the statement of the plaintiff, the court ordered the OC of Gulshan police station to consider it as a statement of complaint and take it as a regular case.

Fauzia Rashedi, principal of Ideal School and College, has been accused along with Mushtaq in the case. After that, investigating officer Gulshan police station sub-inspector (SI) Sohel Rana submitted a final report to the court recommending the acquittal of the accused citing factual errors in the filing of the case.

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The investigating officer mentioned in the report that the victim appeared in the court and gave a voluntary statement. He said that on March 25, 2023, he voluntarily married Khandaker Mushtaq Ahmed with a dowry of Tk 10 lakh. They were married according to Islamic Shariah at the Vijayanagar Qazi office. Accused Mushtaq married the victim college girl when she turned 18. In this case, it is mentioned in the report that no one gave any kind of incentive to the victim.

In the statement of the case, the plaintiff mentioned that his daughter (the victim) is a class XI student of Motijheel Ideal. Accused Mushtaq used to come to the college on various pretexts and call the victim from the class to the principal’s room. In the name of seeking information, the accused lured the victim in various ways.

After some time, accused Mushtaq sexually assaulted the victim against her will. Not agreeing to this, he took the victim and married her. Mushtaq also threatened to expel the victim and his family from Dhaka.

The affidavit further states that the victim’s father requested the principal of the college (accused no. 2) to take action regarding such behaviour. He (Principal) called accused Mushtaq to his room saying that he was taking action. Later he would call the victim out of the class and close the door of the room and give Mushtaq time and company.

In this regard, the plaintiff approached defendant no. 2 (Principal) for redress but he did not cooperate. Instead, the accused continued to help Mushtaq unethically. When the plaintiff took Tisha to her house in Thakurgaon last June 12, accused Mushtaq kidnapped her with his men. Then the plaintiff came to know that accused Mushtaq was forcing Tisha to commit immoral acts and sexually assaulting her at different places every day.